Adam is a serial community builder and innovator. He is the founder of  Treehouse Institute - an interdisciplinary nonprofit focused on social innovation. Treehouse connects people, places, and ideas to fuel innovations that foster more resilient and prosperous communities. Their work includes TEDxDirigo dedicated to Maine ideas worth spreading; Design Thinking is for Everyone (in partnership with Yona Belfort of Vital Innovation); #CreateYourCity; and more. Treehouse has also consulted for IDEXX, Island Institute, and Lift360, providing expertise in storytelling, event design, and culture change.

Adam has a knack and passion for working with people to accomplish things they have never done before. Recently, in addition to founding Treehouse Institute, he has led teams to open Portland’s first public charter school - Baxter Academy for Technology and Science; seed and grow 12 Farm to School programs; and develop Maine’s most successful conference for innovation and creativity - TEDxDirigo. His favorite accomplishment is becoming a dad.



Weirdest job: My current one and Claudia Cardinal, the mascot for the New Jersey Cardinals.

First concert: Whitney Houston.

Favorite food: Fresh seasonal produce from Maine's awesome small diversified farms! And right now, during the fall and winter, the Tokyo Abura at Pai Men Miyake.

Happy place: Pai Men Miyake (*smile*); anywhere with my son, Gavin, and wife, Molly; in the woods.

Why Maine? The character of place and people. I connect deeply with the forests, lakes, mountains, and rivers here. I also find Mainers to more often be kind than not, more often willing to go above and beyond to help than not, and wonderfully talented and thoughtful in multifaceted ways. I am excited to raise my family here. I also love exploring the world and then returning home here. Whether its crossing the bridge from New Hampshire or getting off a plane at PWM, I feel very much at peace once I am back in Maine. I just feel home.