Amy Parker is a designer & creative director working in Portland, Maine. Co founder of Woods Creative, she and creative partner, Chris Bransfield, help clients realize brand stories through a unique collaboration model. Amy’s colleagues have described her as “…ready to set the world on fire,” and “…a phenom of creativity, work ethic and collaboration.” 

Recognized in Computer Arts Magazine, The Dieline, and OMMA, Amy has realized her communication art by perusing a fervent range of work. Her Bauhaus foundation and love for branding, packaging and other traditional print work guided exploration in digital media, websites and campaigns. In addition to graphic design practice, she continues to work on fine art and spatial installation to further new design thinking. This intense pursuit of divergent thought stems from fascination in modern art and design, art history and cultural integration with music.

Amy holds a BFA in graphic design, with a minor in fine art from the New England School of Art and Design.




Weirdest Job: When I was young, I was responsible for making coffee Sunday mornings at a restaurant chain, and no one bothered to demonstrate replacing coffee grounds every time a pot was brewed. Our morning customers returned their beverages after tasting eight-nine-ten-times watered down coffee in a bit of unconscious rage. Needless to say, I haven’t been a barista since.

First ConcertNo Doubt

Favorite Food: A hearty salad: the kind with cheeses, noodles, and good crunch.

Happy Place:  Standing barefoot underneath pines at Sebago Lake.

Why Maine? Maine offers a present life. It’s for the creative, the mindful and the adventurous.