Beth is Principal of HARRIS HESS, a full-service marketing agency, located in Portland's Old Port. 

She has 25 years and counting in the marketing industry and has worked with a wide range of clients from non-profits and local entrepreneurial ventures to large agency work on accounts such as Chevron Oil, Ford Motor Company, and 20th Century Fox. 

Beth's formal study zeroed in on Public Relations and Industrial Marketing and it forms a solid foundation for the management of her client work spanning branding, research, media, writing, strategy, design and creative.

Beth first cut into her career in the very colorful advertising world in San Francisco, accruing global client experience, national media and budget management at ad agency J. Walter Thompson in SF and NYC. Work in TV and Radio advertising was the springboard for work within multiple corporate marketing settings. 

Overall, with the mix of instinct-driven California sensibility with down-to-earth New England pragmatism, Beth offers clients a unique and powerful brand of marketing expertise.  She invites trust and confidence with her genuine approach, dives easily into the heart of her clients’ concerns, and delivers high impact marketing solutions at affordable rates.

While Beth travels frequently to Silicon Valley for family and business, she lives with her two boys in Cape Elizabeth, Maine where she enjoys beach life, sailboat racing, hiking, cooking, landscape design, and celebrating New England's four seasons



Weirdest Job: Weird job.... More like privileged job...that of a Non-Ordained, non-denominational Minister at Maine Medical Center and Mercy Hospital. Touching the lives of folks from NICU (infant ICU) to Hospice was a deep honor I will never forget. For 10+ years, I had the opportunity to empower those I visited with support and acceptance. 

First concert: One of the iconic Bill Graham Presents Concerts of the 1970's that were outdoor concerts at the Oakland Colliseum.  They were called Day On the Green. These mammoth shows drew the huge global music and easily, upwards of  60,000 people attended a show. My most memorable was a unbelievable double bill of The Who AND The Grateful Dead. Oh... Back in the day ;)

Favorite food: California Mexican. (And everything else). 

Happy place: I'm happy to say I have many.... Top home with my family, on the deck of a sailboat and hiking in New Mexico.

Why Maine? I love Maine for the combined natural, cultural and traditional richness of the land and people. Accessibility to Maine's expanding, open and innovative mindset is exciting and reminiscent of a well grounded, frontier, brimming with past accomplishments and future potential. I'm proud to live here!