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Email: brianthrelkeld1@gmail.com

Website: threlkeldoutdoor.com

Brian is a full-time storyteller for the Outdoor Sport Institute, a nonprofit that builds long-lasting youth engagement in the outdoors thru specific sport development and coaching, encourages opportunities for athletes to give back to their communities and reduces the overall barriers to creating an active, outdoor lifestyle and culture. His work takes him around the state and country to create unique content to help spread awareness of the work OSI is doing as well as working with high school athletes to help them develop their own storytelling skills. He lives in Portland with his partner Anna and her son Arlo.

Weirdest job: There have been a few, but I'd have to say working on an old dairy ranch in southern Utah that was being converted to an oat farm. I spent too many days driving a backhoe and digging up fence posts in the hot Utah sun.

First concert: Billy Joel in 4th grade. The way he engaged the crowd throughout his show is something I'll always remember.

Favorite food: Tough one, but probably Pad Thai. I love everything about it.

Happy place: Typically in the mountains with the important people in my life. My family and friends are an integral piece to that happiness puzzle.

Why Maine?  I moved here sight unseen 12 years ago and haven't regretted it once. Sure Portland is getting a little crazy these days, but I can ride my bike everywhere, I can be on the ocean in a matter of minutes and in the mountains within an hour or two. Maine is an unbelievably beautiful state and the people who call this state home make it even better.