Chris Bransfield is a user experience researcher & creative director working in Portland, Maine. Co founder of Woods Creative, he and creative partner, Amy Parker, help clients apply meaningful user research to create their brand story, design, and goals. 

Since starting in the UX field in 2002, Chris has won awards, been published in academic journals, and led nationally recognized research that has prompted statements from the President of the United States. His ethnographic, field study, and usability research has informed museum, store, and operating room environmental and interface design. He has also conducted user research and designed: Documents, patient-self reporting tools, websites, apps, children's educational television programs, video games, voting machines, as well as consumer and medical products. His work and interests are inspired by people's history and communication theory, and in particular, the age-old axiom of "one cannot not communicate." 

Chris holds a BA in History with a major focus on Psychology and History with a minor focus in Education Policy and American Political Communication. He holds a MS in Communication Research.



Weirdest job: Evening paper boy. It felt like it was 1955. I pretended it was a black and white sitcom. Weird and beautiful. "Extra, Extra!"

First concert: Radiohead and REM, 1995.

Favorite food: Anything fresh from my garden, right off the vine.

Happy place: Around the campfire, with people I truly love and trust. Anything with my kids. 

Why Maine? I have a strange affinity for pine trees and freight trains barreling through the northern woods.