Claire Cowan is Director of Program Design and Delivery at Slipstream, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting more efficient use of energy resources through engineering, programs, education and research.

Since 2006 Claire has developed and implemented energy efficiency programs for utility and government clients, managing large-scale, complex projects that integrate technical, research and communications disciplines.

Raised in New Hampshire with summers on the coast of Maine, she has spent the last 22 years bouncing around the country in a lengthy process of finding home. Since leaving Wisconsin for Portland, she has given up curling in favor of sea kayaking.

Claire holds a Master’s in Environmental Science & Management from UC Santa Barbara and a BA in English from Tufts. 

Contact: ccowan@slipstreaminc.org

Website:  slipstreaming.org

Weirdest job: Toilet inspector for Santa Barbara County

First concert: Depeche Mode...I think it was the World Violation Tour in the early 90's.

Favorite food: Lebanese.

Happy place: Wood Island off of West Point.

Why Maine? I've always loved Maine best and now I get to live here!