Nate Eldridge is a connector.  He believes there is no such thing as a small life & everyone wears a map of their experience on their face.  As a commercial, advertising & editorial photographer, Nate's vision exposes his subject as an icon in their expertise.  He has photographed celebrities & organic farmers with the same critical eye & concentration needed in making a great image.  He has been told numerous times how he has an uncanny ability to connect & make anyone feel comfortable.

In addition to photography Nate is also a creative content provider for many local mission based non-profits. The content he creates, he then brings to the public at large through strategy and implementation. 

He is also the author of an acerbic blog This is Maine.

He lives in Portland with his two children.  He is an accomplished long distance swimmer, loves to read, play his guitar & sing & dance. 



Weirdest job: First photo job for Maine Times was of a composting farmer, I had to photograph him in front of a pile of...well you get the idea, only one direction to go from there.

First Concert: The Monkey's, that's not very brand aware,  forgive me, I was 12.  Next concert I was 14 & Steve Earle opened for Bob Dylan.

Favorite Food: TACOS, I love TACOS.  And anything made at El Corazon.

Happy Place: Anywhere I here laughter, namely my children or my partner. I love their laughter.

Why Maine: Evidently I'm a masochist at heart.  I'm told the winters build character, maybe I have that, too.