Nori is a designer, producer and project manager, with experience managing projects for Fortune 500 companies. In her different roles Nori has developed a broad array of skills, and enjoys diving into new assignments and developing the tools necessary to perform them. For the last several years she has been co-producing video spots, doing some book design, infographics and web design, producing motion graphics, copy-editing and developing SEO.

Nori holds a BA from Colby College where she made deep and enduring friendships and learned at least as much outside of the classroom as she did within.



Weirdest job: Dressing up as Scooby Doo for the Rockland Lobster Festival. Dripping sweat, I could not breathe nor see a thing – my friend, Pete, had to lead me around by the hand everywhere.  We’d go back to the van with all the shades drawn so the kids would not witness me out of character, and Pete would extricate me from the Scooby head, every single time laughing to see my face and my sweaty hair flying everywhere. Even with all of that, the little kids’ expressions when they looked up at me was worth every ounce of sweat. They firmly believed that I really was a big furry dog walking around on his hind legs.

First concert:  The Go Gos in 9th grade. We wore these awesome lantern earrings that had actual lights in them, and I had a pink and purple striped mini skirt with matching top and tights. 

Favorite food:  Sushi, crepes with butter and sugar, and my dad’s waffles with real maple syrup and lots of butter.

Happy place:  : In my back yard watching the dogs chase each other into a frenzy.

Why Maine?  There is no place on earth I love more.